Star Rogue


Star Rogue is a sci-fi roguelike platformer for PC and soon Linux and Mac.

In this challenging pixel indie game you will take control over a brave space marine to investigate an abandoned space station full of traps, robots and aliens. In each playthrough you will encounter a different environment full of randomly arranged rooms. With the choice between several weapons, abilites and different items, your playing experience will be unique each time you play.


  • Choose between several looks, specialisations, skills and weapons

  • Different worlds with randomly arranged rooms full of obstacles and traps

  • Over 80 different passive and active items

  • Different background stories to give you a motivation

  • Lots of enemies and bosses to defeat

  • Many unlocks for all the collectors out there


Hey, my name is Julian, I'm 27 years old, grew up and live in Tübingen (Germany). I studied computer science and worked on different topics like webdesign, app developement and backend programming. In the last years I played so many different indie games and am continuously impressed what small creative teams create for awesome games. This project is somehow an attempt to fullfill a childhood dream! :)


If you have any questions and want to contact me, please do so via:

starrogue [at] julianwehrmann [dot] com